Attracting Top Millennial Talent

There’s no shortage of articles about Millennials in the workplace, especially those highlighting the challenges they face or those that arise when different generations attempt to work together.  Many of these articles paint Millennials in a negative light, and although some generational stereotypes may prove true, many positive attributes can be found amongst the Millennials who represent the future of the American workforce.

Stereotyped or not, millions of Millennials are entering the job market every year, fresh from high school, college, or vocational training, ready to make their mark on the world.  By 2025, Millennials will make up the majority of the workforce – and as far off as that may sound, it is just over 10 years away.  Now is the time to ensure your company’s continued success!  Attracting Millennials is crucial to having a pool of qualified workers ready to transition into technical and managerial roles as older generations leave the workforce.

So what can you offer as a company to attract the best Millennial talent?

•    Career development and progression.  As a whole, Millennials are committed to their personal learning and development.  The top-notch candidates will have already spent a good portion of their lives working to get into a good college and then perfecting their resumes with internships, volunteer opportunities, and leadership roles.  Acquiring new skills and useful experiences are deemed valuable and are at the core of the Millennial attitude towards work.  Career development has been ranked as more important than financial reward by many Millennials, and can be offered as relevant seminars, conferences, and through formal mentoring programs.

•    Clear and consistent job evaluation measures.  Millennials have grown up in a world with constant feedback from parents, coaches and teachers.  They are used to and expect to be acknowledged when they do something well and advised how they might improve when they are less successful.

•    Philanthropic measures.  Millennials may be the most philanthropic generation yet having grown up engulfed in media.  This increased social awareness has inspired the generation to devote time and money to causes near and dear to their hearts.  Companies that are civic-minded and give back to the local community will be much more attractive to these potential workers.  Employees that work for companies engaging with causes in a meaningful way often feel more satisfied and fulfilled with the work they do on a daily basis, increasing overall employee engagement in the workplace.

•    Collaboration.  If given the choice, most Millennials say they prefer to work in cross-functional teams with co-workers at all levels throughout the organization.  Millennials want to be a part of the action, not sitting and watching from the sidelines.  Being part of a team provides the opportunity to speak up and have their voices heard.  It is also a platform to brush up on critical thinking skills and stimulate creative energy.

•    Updated technology.  Millennials have had access to computers and the Internet their whole lives.  As such, most are very comfortable utilizing the latest technology and often have a very small learning curve when it comes to new software.  They may find it attractive if a company lets them use a variety of technology options to communicate with coworkers, as ¾ of Millennials believe using up-to-date technology in the workplace makes them more effective and efficient with their work.

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