Understaffing 101

It seems as though we are always hearing about organizations trying to make do with less.  We keep hearing the messages ‘Do it faster,’ ‘Do it better,’ and ‘Do it cheaper.’ Oh and by the way, do it all with fewer people.  While it is important for organizations to keep their costs down so that they are profitable, there comes a point when you cut costs so much that you are now understaffed.

This month’s eBook, Understaffing: A Risky Proposition delves into the topic of understaffing and what it can mean for your organization.  It is almost impossible for an understaffed team to continuously meet their goals and stay competitive in today’s economy.  Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • 63% of executives and decision makers listed lack of staff a major company challenge
  • In a survey of 500 small business owners, 35% said they were understaffed, but only 30% of those owners were planning on doing something about it
  • 54% of employers with a talent shortage say it has adversely affected their work

Overtime, understaffing can lead to overworked and stressed employees, higher rates of turnover and absenteeism, lower quality work, and missed deadlines/opportunities.  Regardless of the reasons you are understaffed, there are various resources to fix your problem.

  • Make use of your professional network to refer qualified candidates
  • Utilize niche/industry job boards
  • Employ industry recruiters to fill specialized positions
  • Use temporary/contract workers to fill in gaps in your staff

In the long run, having a well-staffed team allows your organization to flourish as each employee finds it easier to do their best work possible.

Key Resource Group is here to help with all of your staffing needs whether it is a temporary worker to help with special projects, or your next full-time hire to alleviate the effects of your understaffing problem.