Why Should You Consider a Temp Job?

Long gone are the days where temporary or contract jobs were only popular in the manufacturing and administrative sectors. Today you can find temporary jobs for a wide variety of skilled positions in industries ranging from engineering and IT to legal and accounting and finance. As a result of these ever-changing economic times, employers are often reluctant to hire employees on permanently due to a lingering uncertainty regarding the future state of the economy, a desire to match payroll costs to company revenues and the high costs associated with offering employee benefits. Many times they turn to temporary workers to fill the gaps in their workforce. In fact, over the last several years there has been an increase in the use of temporary workers (they now make up 12% of the workforce) to provide the necessary manpower needed to accomplish their objectives.

So why should you join the millions of workers who have taken temporary jobs in the last few years?

First off, a temporary job can provide much needed income. Working temporary assignments during a job search eases the financial burdens of losing your full-time job. Not only will your bank account thank you, but you won’t feel as pressured to accept the first job that comes your way.

You will add valuable experience to your resume. Temporary assignments, especially project-based assignments, can add depth to your resume. This is especially true for recent college graduates or people returning to the workforce. You also have a current position and experiences to share on your resume and with potential employers.

Sharpen your skills. Any time you accept a temp or contract assignment, use this as an opportunity to learn new skills. Exposure to a new company or industry presents opportunities to learn new software programs, industry best practices and grow through new and challenging experiences.

Temp jobs can lead to a full-time position. Many companies utilize temps in order to “test drive” new employees. During temp-to-hire situations, companies have potential employees working as temps for a set period of time before offering them a full-time position if they are satisfied with their work. Every day is a chance for you to show the company what you can bring to the table.

Remember; don’t treat your assignments as if they are “just another temp job.” Use the situation you find yourself in to your advantage to either gain knowledge of a new industry, improve your skills, and learn from all the new experiences you find yourself in.