You Should Focus Less on Transactions and More on Relationships

When it comes to customer service, the idea of transactional marketing can be tempting. It is certainly easier in terms of the effort that you put in up front. Your focus is less on customer service and more on closing a sale or getting a contract signed. But transactions add little value to your business. It’s the relationships that you’re able to develop with your customers that will help you grow. Here are some ways that your business can start building better customer relationships:

Get social.

Studies suggest that up to half of digitally connected adults share details of their lives throughout the day on social networking sites. As a business providing a service to people, there is a high probability that you will turn up in an update at some point. That probability is even higher if your customer has a negative experience. Make sure your business has a presence in social media so you know what your customers are saying about you, and engage with them if there’s a problem.

Identify your regulars.

Recognize the power of the Pareto principle: 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your business. Instead of focusing all of your energy marketing to new customers, see if you can’t identify the big fans that your business already has. By focusing your efforts on your most loyal customers, you’ll get a bigger return on your investment.

Know what your customers want.

To be truly successful, a business needs to know exactly what their customers want. If you have someone on your staff that’s intuitive in that department, consider yourself lucky. But if you don’t, just remember: there’s nothing wrong with asking. You may be surprised by the answers! Keep in mind, too, that the needs of your customer base can evolve over time, or change as your business evolves.

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