Should Your Company Consider the Cloud?

Recently, businesses of all sizes have been flocking to cloud-based computing. So should your company join them? The cloud may seem new and intimidating, but the truth is, you’ve probably used it for some time without a second thought. Services like Hotmail and Gmail are cloud-based applications. They perform a specific function, and the information is stored on servers that you can access whenever you want, using an Internet connection. All cloud applications, no matter how complicated, operate on these same basic ideas.

What kind of cloud applications are available?

Email is a popular one, of course, but even if you choose to host your own email, there are applications that can block spam for you, which saves you money by reducing bandwidth costs. Taking your web hosting to the cloud saves you from having to buy a dedicated server to host it yourself. There are many more specialized applications as well, for everything from video conferencing to invoicing.

What are the benefits to cloud computing?

One of the biggest selling points is the amount of money you can save. Servers, bandwidth, and an IT department can be expensive, especially for small businesses. Using the cloud lets you pay a reasonable monthly fee instead of paying huge up-front costs. Most services are scalable to your needs, meaning you won’t pay for storage space or bandwidth that you’re not using. Also, it’s secure. Most services use SSL, the same encryption that protects credit card information in online stores.

What should I look for when shopping for applications and services?

Determine what you need before you start shopping. Don’t buy an expensive all-in-one application if you don’t need all the tools it comes with. For your most crucial services like data backup, you’ll probably want to go with someone who can offer 24/7 tech support.

Moving to the cloud requires strategic planning – just like all aspects of your business. Just as you plan out your strategic staffing needs for the year, you should also anticipate and prepare for your technology needs. Contact the technology recruiting experts at Key Resource Group to find the perfect IT employee to handle your organization’s technology needs.