I would like to share my experience working with the entire KRG staff. I was looking for sales people in Rochester, Buffalo and Erie, PA. I knew they could help me in the Buffalo Market but was not too sure they would be successful in the other markets. I had spent 6 months trying to find the right people. I had made one hire but terminated them after 8 weeks. I partnered with KRG in June of 2016. They were relentless in their pursuit of candidates. My company has many hoops that people have to go through to become a member of our company. I am sure other recruiters would have given up on us based on these standards, but they did not.

I now have all my slots filled with members I am confidant will contribute to our company’s success. Several of the candidates I interviewed mentioned what great personal attention they were given by KRG. Not only did they meet my needs, but also those that were searching for jobs. I have been in the customer service field for over 40 years, and KRG is one of the best companies I have ever partnered with.