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Welcome, Blair!

Welcome, Blair!


Blair Budzinski, Recruiter Key Resource Group is excited to announce the newest member of our team, Blair! Blair graduated from St. John Fisher College with a Bachelor’s Degree in HR Management. Prior to joining Key Resource Group, she gained years of experience working in different parts of the HR world, from benefits to employee relations….

Qualities to Look for in Entry-level Candidates



Potential over skills. With experienced talent in short supply, it’s beneficial to change your outlook when it comes to hiring and learn how to identify the qualities that predict success in any role, regardless of experience. Sometimes in a tough candidate market, we have to put our experience expectations aside and focus on finding the…

Welcome Brittany!


Brittany Rydza, Recruiting Assistant Key Resource Group is excited to announce the newest member of our team, Brittany! Brittany graduated from Trocaire College with her Associates Degree in Human Resources. She then transferred to Daemen College where she received her Bachelor’s in Business Management. After completing multiple internships in the Buffalo area, she caught the…

Hiring? What to Ask Before Partnering with a Staffing Agency


staffing agency

Trying to find the right staffing agency to assist with your hiring needs? Here are some of the questions you should ask in order to find the best fit for your organization. What industries and areas do you specialize in? Before getting all the minor details, you want to be sure the recruiters have experience…

Tips to Help you Select the Right Candidate for the Job


candidate selection process

Have you been hiring the wrong candidates for your company’s open positions? Maybe it’s time to revisit and tweak your hiring selection process. The key is to move quick, but not too quick. Here are some tips to make sure you are making the best hiring decision possible: Take a look at the big picture….

Tired of being told you’re overqualified?



Not getting calls back when applying to positions you know you’re more than qualified for? It’s a confusing concept that years of great work experience might eventually work against you in your job search. Why? Because it can be hard to believe that an overqualified candidate will bring their all to a lower level position,…

How to Handle a Pandemic-Related Resume Gap


resume gap

Job seekers all know that a gap in employment is a red flag to future employers, but don’t dwell on this as much if the gap was caused by COVID-19. The majority of recruiters and hiring managers will not hold it against you this time around, especially if you’re working hard to secure a new…

How to Effectively Lead a Remote Team


leading a remote team

Leading a remote team doesn’t seem to be getting any easier for managers who were thrown into a remote work environment earlier this year for the first time. If you’re struggling to keep your employees focused and productive from home, you’re not alone! Work on improving the following factors to help you get back on…

Showcase Remote Work Experience on your Resume


remote work on resume

Remote work is hotter than ever, for both businesses and job seekers. After non-essential businesses had no other option but to allow their employees to work from home, many decided to keep their teams working remote for the long-haul once realizing that their employees did just fine, if not better than before. Going forward, these…

Congrats, Ann!


Ann Cardena

Our team as a whole is genuinely thrilled to announce an internal change: Ann Cardena has been promoted from Senior Executive Recruiter to President. As many of you already know, Ann is passionate about helping others succeed in their professional careers and is truly amazing at what she does. Ann is an 8-year veteran of…