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Benefits of Hiring a New College Grad


More and more college graduates are staying in WNY after graduation looking to start their careers. Come end of May, these fresh grads are flooding your inbox with resumes, and we know what you’re thinking; no experience. When searching for new employees, it’s typical for companies to demand years of similar work experience. However, sometimes…

How to Succeed the First Week of a New Job


new job

You may have landed the new job, but the interview isn’t over just yet. The first three months in your new role act as an extension of the interview process, and your employer is looking for you to prove that you are capable of doing what you said you can. However, the first week isn’t…

Creating a Cover Letter as an Entry-Level Applicant


A cover letter is a supporting document designed to compliment, not restate your resume. In most situations, your cover letter will be the first written contact that you have with a company; explaining your interest in the position/organization and identifying the skills/experience you have that will be beneficial to the organization. A well-written cover letter…

Active Social Media: How does it benefit your business?


86% of working people who are in their first decade of employment will use social media to look for jobs and research employers. With that being said, it’s clear that having social media accounts is not a recommendation anymore, it’s a must in today’s marketplace.  Simply having a Facebook page and Twitter handle with your…