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How to React When You Don’t Know an Answer during an Interview


After preparing heavily for your interview, you’re feeling more confident than ever as you walk in. Things seem to be going smoothly until the interviewer blindsides you with a question you don’t know the answer to. *gulp* Assuming you’re not a mind reader, it’s impossible to know every question the interviewer is going to ask….

How to Discuss Getting Fired in a Job Interview


getting fired

Did you just land your first interview since losing your job? As if getting fired isn’t emotionally challenging enough, you now have to prepare yourself to talk about it. It’s a given that the interviewer is going to ask about the gaps in your employment history or ask why you left your last position. Review…

Interview Tips: What to Research Before an Interview


interview research

Your KRG recruiter advised you to learn more about the company before your interview. Anxiously prepping in your car minutes before, you scroll through the company’s website on your phone. You find out what the company does, but is that enough? In order to stand out against your competition in the interview process, you will…

Advice on References



Have you ever found yourself panicking late in the interview process when asked for a list of references? Your professional references should never be quickly thrown together, which seems to be a common mistake job seekers make. In fact, the final hiring decision will sometimes come down to who had better professional reviews, so you…

How to Ace a Panel Interview


panel interview

Like many job seekers, you feel more motivated than ever to kick start your job search now that summer is coming to an end. You updated your resume, applied to various positions, and you finally landed an interview. After quickly freshening up on your interview skills and everything starts to feel familiar, the recruiter calls…

The Low-Down on Phone Interviews


phone interviews

Phone interviews are used to screen candidates and narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for an in-person interview. A bad phone interview = no in-person interview = no job. Anyone who hasn’t already been through a phone interview might think it sounds like a walk in the park. Their initial thought is…

How to Answer: Tell Me About Yourself


Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About Yourself: A question that is asked in almost every interview that many applicants fear. It seems like such a simple question, but what comes out of the applicant’s mouth on the spot probably isn’t what the interviewer wants to hear. Some job seekers are under the impression that this question is casually…

How to Prepare for a Second Interview


Think longer and more in depth when planning for a second interview. Congratulations! You’ve made it past the first interview and have been invited back for a second interview. So now what? Do you need to prepare like you did the first time? The answer is YES. You do need to prepare, maybe even more…

Preparing for a Skype Interview


With technology playing a larger role in HR and Recruiting than ever before, it may not be long before you experience a Skype interview of your own.  Many companies are choosing to use Skype interviews for both the convenience and cost factors.  With Skype interviews, companies can interview a candidate regardless of their physical location,…

Interview Question: Why are you leaving your current job?


One of the most common interview questions is, “Why are you looking to leave your current job?” or “Why did you leave your last position?” With that being said, it is important to prepare a response to one or both of these questions before you even enter your interview. No matter why you are looking…