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6 Initial Questions to Ask a Staffing Agency as a Hiring Manager


staffing agency

Trying to find the right staffing agency to assist with your hiring needs? Here are some of the questions you should ask in order to find the best fit for your organization. What industries and areas do you specialize in? Before getting all the minor details, you want to be sure the recruiters have experience…

How to Handle a Negative Performance Review


performance review

No one wants to be told that they’re not performing well at work, especially when negative feedback wasn’t what you were expecting to hear. How do you recover from this negative review? Should you start packing up your desk and throw in the towel? Before you impulsively react, give the criticism a few days to…

Resume Tips: How to Effectively List your Job Duties


job posting

6 seconds. On average, hiring managers glance over your resume for 6 seconds before deciding whether or not to pick up the phone and call you. Your job duties consume the majority of your resume, and it’s important that every word you use is strategic. Here are some tips on how to effectively list your…

5 Ways to Earn Respect as a Young Leader



Stepping into a new leadership role is difficult regardless of one’s age. However, having this responsibility earlier on in your career can be an even bigger challenge. When the people you are supervising are the same age as you, or further along in their career, it may take additional effort to get these employees to…

Welcome Monika Ereiz!


Monika Ereiz Key Resource Group is excited to announce the newest addition to our staff, Monika. Monika came to KRG with an extensive sales past. She was a Corporate Sales Trainer in Florida for many years, where she traveled the country to train store owners and staff on how to successfully open and run a…

5 Perks Your Employees Want This Summer


summer employee benefits

In a city where winter just lingered until late April, failing to be flexible as an employer during the summer months is a mistake too many organizations make. You can’t blame your employees for being a bit distracted when the summer weather finally hits, so it’s important to offer summer employee benefits that will keep…

Hiring Tips to Consider in a Candidates’ Market


Candidates' Market

According to March 2018 statistics, the New York State unemployment rate still remains the lowest it has been in over 10 years. With over 30 years of experience in the staffing industry, it has been obvious to our recruiters at Key Resource Group that the amount of active job seekers is significantly lower than years…

How to Discuss Getting Fired in a Job Interview


getting fired

Did you just land your first interview since losing your job? As if getting fired isn’t emotionally challenging enough, you now have to prepare yourself to talk about it. It’s a given that the interviewer is going to ask about the gaps in your employment history or ask why you left your last position. Review…

10 Facts a Job Seeker Should Know Before Applying with KRG


job seeker

Click here to view our job board with all of our current openings. You can apply directly to a position, or fill out our application here. Once you apply, here are some tips on how to successfully work with a recruiter during your job search. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for…

Welcome Sarah Domanowski!


Sarah Domanowski Key Resource Group is excited to announce the newest addition to our staff, Sarah Domanowski. Coming full circle, Sarah Domanowski is back on the KRG team after starting her recruiting career here 10 years ago! Since then, she has worked in higher education and consumer packaged goods, recruiting for countless positions along the…