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The Do’s and Don’ts for Job Searching while Employed

Although some people are fortunate enough to be continuously challenged and happy in their current role, others sometimes hit a dead end professionally. If you’ve hit this point in your career where you are dissatisfied, it’s best to land a new job while you are still employed. However, job searching while still employed is a…


10-minute Resume Reboot

With kids back in school and colder weather in the near future, you’ve made the decision to start working again. After coming across a few positions you would like to be considered for, it hits you that your resume is probably outdated. Sound familiar? Before you become completely overwhelmed, here are some tips to quickly…


Why Candidates are Rejecting Your Job Offers

Did you take the time to sell the company to the candidate during the interview, or were you only focused on what the candidate had to offer? Times have changed. Roles haven’t necessarily flopped, but you now need to do just as much convincing as the candidate. If you’ve been a hiring manager for many…

Welcome Kristin Gugino!

Kristin Gugino Key Resource Group is excited to announce the newest addition to our staff, Kristin. Kristin is a seasoned sales professional with over 15 years of experience in business development, account management, customer service, and staffing. She has an entrepreneurial background and has most recently been in commercial and industrial sales working for a…