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performance review

How to Handle a Negative Performance Review


performance review

No one wants to be told that they’re not performing well at work, especially when negative feedback wasn’t what you were expecting to hear. How do you recover from this negative review? Should you start packing up your desk and throw in the towel? Before you impulsively react, give the criticism a few days to…

9 Steps to take before leaving the Office for Vacation



According to a 2017 survey by Glassdoor, the average US employee takes about half of their provided vacation time in a 12-month period. From this same survey, it was found that when Americans do use their vacation time, two out of three people are still checking into work anyways. These statistics are concerning, as vacations…

New Year, New You: Improving your Workplace Demeanor in 2018


New Year

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. The start of a new year is the perfect time to act on the positive changes you’ve been meaning to make, but it’s usually easier said than done. Most people set unrealistic resolutions for themselves and get disappointed when these goals aren’t met. Keeping this in mind,…

How to Quit Your Job the Right Way



Quitting a job is something almost everyone has to face at some point in their career. It’s important to remember that no matter what the reason for quitting is, leaving in a professional manner is essential for your future. What are the right moves to make in this process? With a knot in your stomach…

Business Trips 101


business trip

A huge industry conference seems fun and exciting until the overwhelming stress kicks in. Whether it is your first time traveling for work or you’ve done it countless times, there always seems to be a bump in the road. Here are some pointers to review before your next business trip to hopefully make your traveling…

Why You Should Never Take the Counteroffer



Figures from the National Employment Association reveal that 80% of those who accept counteroffers end up leaving within the next 6 months – either because they accepted another offer or were let go. Accepting a counteroffer may sound attractive at the time it is presented. More money in a role you’re already comfortable in? What…

Importance of Staying Relevant in Today’s Workforce



“In four years, you’ll have to relearn 30% of your job.” – Mark Niemann-Ross, author. Change is something many people fear and avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, in today’s workforce, ignoring change will eventually make you obsolete, and in some cases, unemployable. If you aren’t constantly pushing yourself forward and learning new skills to…

Why It’s Important to Take Breaks at Work



Here we are, 2017. We’re hoping by now that more employees are starting to adapt to the “work smart, not hard” lifestyle. However, it seems that there are still too many workaholics out there that are still refusing to let themselves catch a break. A shockingly high amount of workers are eating while continuing to…

How to Succeed the First Week of a New Job


new job

You may have landed the new job, but the interview isn’t over just yet. The first three months in your new role act as an extension of the interview process, and your employer is looking for you to prove that you are capable of doing what you said you can. However, the first week isn’t…

Why a casual dress code?


In our final post in the series on breaking down different workplace dress codes, we get to the Casual Dress Code. More and more companies are implementing a casual dress code because it is an easy, free benefit to offer their employees. Gone are the days where a suit and tie are the norm. Jeans…